A downloadable game for Windows

2d arena shooter with powerup mechanic
based on collecting debris and followers.
蝴蝶 (hú dié) is an indirect sequel to
SJD: Selective Memory Erase Effect.

Despite being simple and omnipresent, autonomous Natural Intelligence computer organisms are still a mystery to humans. Are they a form of life or just manifestations of mathematical formulas?... Whatever the case, one thing is certain: they are everywhere.

Battle overview

Dodge bullets, delete parasites and balance attack / evade tactics for best progress!


After escaping from captivity, Etta managed to recover the badly damaged body of her robot companion "M1mi". Despite being in a very bad shape, M1mi's neural system was still miraculosly giving signs of life - but was in dire need of urgent repairs.

Sadly, the events from the previous chapter caused Etta to almost completely run out of what little money an android is legally allowed to have, and replacement parts for an outdated model like M1mi were both hard to find and really expensive at best.
Desperate and out of ideas, with the situation getting more critical with each passing minute, a chance encounter gave her an idea... "What if"... Hey... hold on yes that'll work... Here goes!

Let our friendship bloom
outside of that cocoon!
Flap flap it is nice
when there is no ice.

Collect the flowers
if there are no clovers
delete the parasites
by shooting them in the face

Gamepad and keyboard are supported.
(Default keyboard buttons are French / German etc keyboard friendly. See the pinned topic on the forum for details.)

Since this is a demo version, all available levels are unlocked from the beginning. Please select "NEW" to see the game from the beginning (ignore the warning that progress will be lost, everything will remain unlocked).

Download demo

蝴蝶 - demo.zip 4 MB

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